We import and distribute in Nevada wines, spirits, beer and other drinks.

Nevada Royal Spirits is an exclusive importer and distributor for the Nevada, and our portfolio includes brands from around the world, and service that is out of it.
We expand our portfolio by importing excellent spirits nationwide. It is an importing company responding to consumer’s desire for quality and exceptionally smooth spirits. Over the past few years, NRS has become one of the largest importers and distributor in Nevada that imports vodka from Europe. We also collaborate with a brand development company that is currently developing distinctive beverages.

Our specialists are industry professionals who have extensive backgrounds in premium wine, beer and spirits sales and distribution. Their knowledge of and passion for our products, combined with a commitment to customer service, have enabled us to build lasting relationships with a sophisticated and demanding customer base.

We target different markets by placing advertisements in variety of magazines and placing commercials on television and billboards. We also participate in trade shows to introduce its new, unquestionably unique spirits.

Our company guided by a simple prevailing goal: Recognize products that will be cutting-edge tomorrow while paying attention to the needs of our customers and their clients today. Our mission is to provide service to our customers while committing to long term brand building activities. We respect our customers and that is why we observe the market situation with attention to do our best to provide quality spirits with excellent taste and one of a kind packaging